Internationalt Forum har fået en ny Palæstina gruppe. Herunder kan du læse vores politiske grundlag og målsætninger – kommer snart på dansk også.



IF was established as an anti-imperialist solidarity organization in 1971 as part of the worldwide internationalist & anti-imperialist movement. IF commits to the struggles of the oppressed people.


It is therefore, and since its establishment, IF has organized direct actions of solidarity with the Palestinian people who were forced out of their homeland in 1948 and who were exposed to all forms of harassments by the Zionist movement and its alies since the arrival of the first Zionist settlers by the early 19th century, which intensified by the establishment of the British mandate over the land of Palestine after WWI.


IF has always fought from the Danish soil for justice for the Palestinian people and their liberation as people and land, and IF has actively mobilized for international solidarity with the Palestinian struggle. It is on the foundation of years of experience within IF and in close collaboration with political allies and comrades that IF Palestine Group will continue its work.


Political and contextual understanding

The Israeli occupation and colonisation of Palestine had led to over six million Palestinian refugees worldwide including the internally displaced, systematic annexation of Palestinian lands, forced displacement of Palestinians as well as continous oppression and violation of Palestinians’ human, civil and political rights. Palestinian refugees outside of Palestine are still denied their right to return to their homes and land, stolen by the Israeli occupation, meanwhile Israeli settlements are expanding rapidly in the occupied territories.


Aware of those historical facts and the documented consequences on the people of Palestine as well as the colonial characteristics, tools and methods of the Zionist project over the land of Palestine, IF Palestine Group builds its ground.


Values and principles

We are committed to justice and dignity for the Palestinian people and to fight occupation. We believe it is our duty to fight oppression wherever it is imposed and made the everyday bread of people; we believe that freedom, autonomy and justice is the right of all people in the world.


Due to the urgent need of intensifing actions in support of the Palestinian people, to amplify their voices and intesify and to strengthen international solidarity and networks, we are establishing IF Palestine group.

The Palestine Group of IF will act with determination against the Israeli occupation from the land of Denmark with all those who believe in the same values – and to support the Palestinian people in their struggle for freedom, justice, independence and autonomy; by all legitimate means.


Working principles:

  • The Palestinian people belong to and have the right to all of the historical Palestine
  • Palestinians have the right to return to the land from which they & their families (ancestors) were forced to flee in 1948 and onwards
  • Israel is an imperialist settler colonial project
  • Solidarity with and support to the Palestinian struggle by all legitimate means possible


Tactics and methods:

  • Act to create awareness in Denmark on Palestinian Rights and on the continuous struggle of the Palestinian people as a part of the oppressed people of the world and among activists and freedom fighters committed to the global fight for equality, justice and anti-imperialisim and anti-colonalism
  • Act as a bridge of solidarity between the Palestinian people and oppressed people of the world and with activists and freedom fighters committed to the global fight for equality, justice and anti-imperialisim and anti-colonalism
  • Act as an alternative voice to the main-stream media, which is rather a tool in the hand of the imperialist powers constantly deceiving the public opinion and favoring the Zionist narrative and the Israeli occuaption coverage
  • Act for Boycott of the state of Israel and all its products as well as pressure financial, technological, cultural & sports, political & diplomatic institutions to do a full boycott and to impose sanctions and divestment on the state of Israel and all its institutions, the public and the private, whether on land or off-shore, until they recognise the rights of the Palestinian people and actively dismantl the occupation.