IF København

Political paper for the re-establishment of IF Copenhagen (August 2022)

Background, principles and purpose

In accordance with the overall purpose of IF, we commit ourselves to the internationalist and anti-imperialist struggle towards a world of equality and freedom for all. Here, we also refer to the global class struggle for workers of all kinds. As such, our idea of the struggle for an equal and free world involves targeting imperialism and intersecting structures of exploitation and oppression at once. Anyone can join our group if they agree to those values.

We want IF Copenhagen to be a place for learning, developing ideology and ways of resisting the system. We also focus on building connections and community internally within IF as well as between different leftist groups in Copenhagen. 

The IF Copenhagen group is, different from most of IF’s activist groups, not focusing on or specialised in one specific struggle and/or region but works with cross-cutting themes and emerging situations related to imperialism, capitalism and other structures of oppression. Our perspective is international, although we find it important to simultaneously understand and address the oppressive structures and anti-facist developments in Denmark and to support those groups working directly against it.

The group is a Copenhagen based group engaged in and around the Solidarity House, which also is the base of the main organisation, the International Forum. 


  1. To be a place where we can develop ourselves and each other ideologically. We want to educate ourselves and make actions based on our learning.
  2. To be a place that welcomes new comrades.
  3. To unite the radical movements. We work towards connecting the different struggles and movements, contributing an internationalist and anti-imperialist perspective.
  4. To build a strong internal community, capable of standing up to the destructive forces of capitalism and imperialism.
  5. To be an open space where new ideas for activities and actions within IF can emerge.

Tactics and methods

  1. We study and discuss to strengthen our understanding of imperialism, the struggle against it and the perspectives of a new world.
  2. We invite both experienced activist and new people to come to learn from each other and be active in the struggle together.
  3. We connect with different leftist groups in Copenhagen.
  4. IF Copenhagen commits to make sustainable organising. Having an open and welcoming culture, sharing ressources and taking care of each other is part of our organisational DNA.
  5. IF Copenhagen is an active organisation. We strive to make activities which includes but are not limited to: Actions, demos, talks, events, discussions, long term organising and movement building, etc.


  1. We hold monthly study group meetings using a mix of theoretical, contextual and/or practical oriented materials, taking turns on preparing the meeting and facilitating for each other. 
  2. We create an introductory program for newcomers that can include written materials and/or be handed down in a group setting. 
  3. We reach out to leftist groups in Copenhagen and suggest common activities whenever this seems relevant.
  4. We socialise and check-in with each other on a regular basis, keeping an eye on the different needs we might have as an activist group and as activists. 
  5. We hold open monthly meetings where newcomers are welcome and where new ideas and plans can be discussed and put into reality.