Free Hisham Abu Hawash!

For 141 days Hisham has been on hunger strike to protest the administrative detention imposed on him by the Israeli occupation. With administrative detention the detainee is not presented with accusations and their case is not being presented in court. Palestinians can be imprisoned for periods of 6 months, that can be renewed indefinately. This practice by the israeli occupation state especially targets Palestinians who struggle for human rights, freedom and justice. During 2021 1595 Palestinians were adminstratively detained and currently 500 Palestinians are in Israeli prisons under administrative detention. Hishams condition is serious, since he has recently went into coma, and his realease is a matter of life and death!

Free Hisham now!

Free all political prisoners!

TAKE ACTION: Take a photo infront of the mural or take a picture from home with a sign to say Free Hisham and post it online.

Use the hashtags #freehisham #freethemall #freeallpoliticalprisoners

Mural by the artist Salim Assi