The Solidarity shop has for many years been collaborated with the Café Libertad Kollektiv who are organising solidarity trade with coffee producers from the Zapatist movement.

Currently, Café Libertad Kollektiv are purchasing coffee from two Zapatista cooperatives (among others): Coop Yachil Xojobal Chulchan organising more than 680 families from 5 regions of the Oventic Caracol and coop Yochin Tayel Kinal consisting of about 380 families. Yochin Tayel Kinal is selling their coffee also in the Mexican domestic market since 2008. Both coops are cultivating organic-certificated highland Arabica coffee. Café Libertad Kollektiv are cooperating only with small-scale farmers uniting in cooperatives and organising production and export collectively.

There are many reasons for why to boycott the conventional coffee trade and why to support the Zapatist movement and rebellious communities and organised coorporatives.

You can find much more information about these topics on the webpage for Café Libertad Kollektiv. If you want to know more about Chiapas and international solidarity work with the Zapatistas you can find it on the page of the International Forum’s Mexico group. You are also welcome to contact the group directly.

Below, you will find pictures and prizes of the current selection of Zapatist coffee in the Solidarity Shop. Opening hours of the shop is Tuesday-Friday from 14-17.