From the Internationalt Forum’s Palestine Group and Boykot Israel-DK in commeration of the great Palestinian journalist and prominent spokes person, Shireen Abu Aqleh:

“We will never forget, we will never forgive Israel’s murder of Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Aqleh.

On May 11, 2022, exactly one year ago, Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Aqleh was murdered by Israeli occupation soldiers while she was reporting in Jenin camp in the West Bank. Shireen was one of the most respected journalists in the Middle East and had covered the Israeli occupation of Palestine for decades.

Shireen was ‘just’ one in a long line of Palestinian journalists murdered by apartheid Israel. Since 2001, Israel has killed 20 Palestinian journalists.

Shireen will forever be in our hearts.

Support the struggle against Israel’s occupation and apartheid policies!

Boycott Israel – Free Palestine!”