Support bar: The Zapatistas are coming!

lørdag, 29. maj, 2021 - KL. 15:00 - 22:00
Folkets Park
A Zapatista delegation will come to the European soil in event of the 500th year anniversary of the European colonization of Mexico (for more info, click here). A few weeks ago, the first part of the Zapatista delegation “El Esquadrón 421” left the Mexican soil – by boat! They are heading for Vigo, Galicia, and until they reach European grounds sometime in June. During the month of July we will be hosting a part of the Zapatista delegation here in Denmark.
In the meantime we are organizing different activities and events, in order to raise awareness and prepare you to join us in this exciting journey. On Saturday the 29th of May, a Folketskøkken will take place at Folkets Park. Our group will be there to prepare the food, distribute it to you and besides that we are open for any kind of questions with regard to the upcoming visit. We also use this occasion to sell merch, such as board games, posters and coffee, but also to get in touch with you. It is a good opportunity to get to know the group that is currently planning the visit, but also to get involved!
There will be music in the park played by the collective Freedom of Movements.
See also event on Facebook.