Support bar: The Zapatistas are coming x Freedom of Movements vol. 2

lørdag, 19. juni, 2021 - KL. 15:00 - 23:00
Folkets Park

On the 20th of June, the sailing ship La Montaña has finally reached the Portuguese Islands of Azores, where the delegation 421 has taken a few well-deserved resting days after just over a month at sea. Both crew and activists are doing well, and the spirit is high onboard.

Now the ship is on its way to Vigo and seeks to enter the port, despite the possibility of being rejected. We are still very optimistic that the delegations are going to reach European soil and are prepared to host them here in Copenhagen and the bigger Nordic region.

In any case we are celebrating this historical event of the reverse conquer and rebellion by hosting another last solidarity gathering in Folkets Park with music, drinks and talks. We will be there with an info booth, to discuss with you the arrival of the Zapatista delegation.

Freedom of movements is going to host the event with us, in order to provide the tunes, but also to raise awareness to the freedom of movement of all people and especially migrants, refugees and indigenous communities, that are expelled from their lands.

You will have the possibility to buy beer and other beverages in Folkets Café, and we will serve some Mexican cocktails.


The musical line-up is as follows:
@Lukas Danys