After the Danish-Israeli arms trade: How do we resist and organise solidarity with Palestine?

torsdag, 16. marts, 2023 - KL. 17:30 - 21:00
Kapelvej 44, 2200 København, N

Recently the Danish government signed a contract with the Israeli weapons company Elbit Systems – a company otherwise blacklisted by many pension funds and banks around the world due to their involvement in breaches of human rights in Occupied Palestine. With the contract, worth 1.74 billions DKK, the government is supplying new arms to replace weapons donated to Ukraine.

The trade deal is a clear symbol and intensification of the already well-established political/economic relation between Denmark and Israel. It also represents a global tendency of how governments of the “extreme centre” (such as the current Danish one) de facto finance governments of the “extreme right.” On a local scale, the Danish government has just forced the Danish working class to finance the trade deal by abolishing a public holiday (St. Bededag), all the while the more affluent classes receive tax reliefs. Apparently the government believes they can donate weapons to fight imperialist aggressions from Russia, while at the same time purchasing new weapons from an settler-colonial apartheid state.

This is hypocrisy! We will not finance it, we will not accept it – we will fight it!

Join us for an evening where we will take a closer look at the political-economic landscape behind the Danish government’s arms trade agreement with Elbit Systems. Collectively, we will examine Elbit Systems’ role in the occupation of Palestine and Israel’s role in the global weapons industry. We will also discuss how we can best organise political resistance against future trades with Israel and advance our strategies for practicing international solidarity with Palestine.

The event is organised in collaboration with Kapelvej 44 and their community kitchen. The community kitchen opens at 17:30. Lecture and debate starts at 19:00.

Further details on the program will be announced soon.
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Organiser: Internationalt Forum Copenhagen, Internationalt Forum Palestine Group, Global Aktion and Boykot Israel


17:30 – 19:00: Dinner with Kapelvej 44

19:00 – 19:10: Introduction and brief explanation of the event by Internationalt Forum (10 min.)

19:10 – 19: 35: Who is Elbit and what is their role in the occupation. Presentation by Leila Stockmarr

19:40 – 20:10: Lessons from Palestine Action: How to shut down Elbit, by Palestine Action (online) (25 min.)

20:10 – 20:20: 10 min. break

20:20 – 21:00: Panel discussion: Fighting Elbit, how do we resist and organise solidarity with Palestine (40 min). (panel to be announced)