Photo exhibition:

ANOTHER WORLD IS NOW: A historical account of the Zapatistas Then and Now

torsdag, 29. juli, 2021 - KL. 17:00 - 22:00
Folkets Hus, 1st Floor

As part of the campaign for “La Gira Zapatista 2021” (the Zapatista visit to Europe in 2021), IF’s Mexico Group hereby invite you to the photo exhibition Another World Is Now taking place at Folkets Hus 1st floor. In the exhibition you can learn more about the history and thoughts of the Zapatistas and watch a collection of photos taken by activists from IF throughout the years (from 1995 until now).


Join us for the opening of the exhibition on Thursday the 29th. Besides watching the photos exhibited, there will be nice food sold by the Palestine Community Kitchen, the Mexico Group’s drink bar “La Mota Negra” will serve cold beverages.

17.00: Welcome speech, opening of the exhibition space and bar opens
18.00: Palæstina Folkekøkken will serve food – 50 dkk
19.00: New and old members of the IF Mexico Group will say a few words
20.00: Moose (DJ)
22.00: Thank you for today



This summer marks the 500 years since the fall of Tenochtitlán, today Mexico City, to the spanish colonizers. On that occasion, the Zapatistas announced back in October that they in the summer of 2021 will be crossing the Atlantic in a reverse invasion of Europe. By that, sending the message: We were not defeated, subdued, exterminated – we are still here, still fighting for our rights as indigenous peoples to justice and self-determination.
IF’s Mexico group has since November been participating in a number of organizing meetings with hundreds of collectives and organizations from different parts of Europe and are now waiting for the exact days of the arrival of the delegation to Denmark.


To spread awareness about the visit, but also about the thoughts of the Zapatistas and their movement throughout time, we are exhibiting a collection of photos showing different aspects of the organization and history. The exhibition will be UNFINISHED, meaning that it by far will be comprehensive or covering every aspect or moment of Zapatismo. It is also unfinished because Zapatismo is not over and done, not something that ended. No, the Zapatista thoughts and practices are very much present and keep inspiring social movements and struggles around the world – and since a delegation of Zapatistas will soon visit us here, we know that they will be able to tell their story much better than us. Therefore, the exhibition is unfinished and it can, and will, be changed throughout the days and weeks.


The Zapatista invasion of Europe will take place in waves: The first delegation, Escuadrón 421, made the trip crossing the ocean by ship and arrived at the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores in early July, from where they went to Vigo, Spain, and went ashore. The maritime delegation, Escuadrón 421, consists of 4 women, 2 men and 1 non-binary, where the otroa (non-binary) Marijose was chosen as the first Zapatist to enter European soil.
Now we await the large airborne delegation, which will consist of 177 Zapatistas arriving by plane. We don’t know exactly when, but it will happen soon, and we are ready to welcome them.











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