Info night

How to become a peace guard in Chiapas, Mexico

torsdag, 21. april, 2022 - KL. 19:00 - 21:00
Solidaritetshuset, Griffenfeldsgade 41, 220 Nørrebro

We from Mexicogruppen would like to invite you to an open, introductory event concerning the topic of becoming a peace guard in Chiapas, Mexico.

The event will take place at Solihouse, and we will give you insights about our partner organization, Frayba, the work they are doing in Chiapas and how you can get involved. We will introduce with a talk, which will be followed up with a Q&A-session.

For more than 20 years, the human rights center “Frayba” has been working on ground in Chiapas, maintaining international presence in the autonomous territories in resistance to the Mexican government. During the corona-lockdown, there has been restricted access to the communities, but now they have opened again and need a lot of help!

The presence of peace guards is very much needed, why we would like to spread the word about this opportunity to volunteer in Chiapas.